2018 Year of purification

2018 Year of purification

by Patrick Giani

The reason why I named this article the way I did 2018 year of purification is because it naturally follows the previous one: “Jupiter in Scorpio and the quest for Truth” where we stressed the role of Jupiter in this sign: reveal what is hidden. Now, at the end of 2017, we observe that all the veils of illusion are far from having all dropped and many scandals and “revelations” are about to strike. For this reason, 2018 could very well be quite a surprising year in many regards, pushing for more clarity, authenticity at both global and personal levels which will be developed at the end of this article.

The Schumann resonances

On December 2nd, 2017, the day before the particularly destabilizing Full Moon, Schumann resonances’ harmonics jumped significantly, as illustrated by the chart below.

2018 year of purification

Image captured on the SOS website (Space Observing System)
The color lines, in addition to the fundamental at 7.8 Hz, are the harmonics at 14.3 Hz, 20.8 Hz, 27.3 Hz and 33.8 Hz.


This 170 Hertz peak had already happened end of July 2017, which was then the first time, since previous peaks would rarely reach over 38 Hertz. Let me try to explain briefly this resonance: It is a group of spectrum peaks of Earth’s extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic field. In other words, the resonances represent the heartbeat of our planet. When the magnetic field is heckled, it can affect our sleep, cause confusion, lack or excess of energy, (depending of people), feeling of being overwhelmed or panic attacks. These low frequency peaks are quite uncomfortable and are most of the time followed by a tense day, especially for sensitive people.
However, since nothing happens randomly in the Universe, it was also observed that these peaks match the development of higher levels of consciousness, an increase of the level of vibration and sometimes followed the next days by an inner joy. So, if the peaks can affect us negatively with fatigue, exhaustion, depression, it has also the ability to heighten our vibration so that we can match the higher vibrations of the new Earth. I have seen through the comments on social media that people who have committed to personal development for a few years draw benefits from these changes even if the process through past events (as well as past lives) is not always pleasant.

2018 year of purification

This is a fact, we all know that our world is polluted, stressed out, cruel, unfair, loud, like the Titanic approaching the iceberg which will cause its sinking. The difference being that we are aware of the presence of the iceberg and if we want to avoid the collision, we’d better get organized quickly. This way we could progressively let go of the third dimension to reach higher levels of vibration, getting prepared for the quantum leap when it is time.
To do so, we need to en-lighten our subtle bodies and this is the reason why the Schumann resonances’ peaks are affecting us. As Mother Earth moves to a higher vibration, we are all invited to do the same. Many do not follow her path, either by ignorance, reaction or resistance. This is what creates the tensions we perceive, whether we like it or not, at each Full Moon especially if it is dissonant ( First day of Mercury Retrograde with the case of December 3rd French experienced a huge computer bug in one of the major train stations in Paris) or come with an eclipse.

2018 year of purification… by fire?

This is why, we should expect this type of peak to increase in the course of 2018 and we should get prepared to learn to deal with them as much as we can. As we know, many human beings will keep resisting the changes and stick to the old paradigms. I am afraid we are going to have to go through more terrorist attacks, “natural” catastrophic events and intense Full Moons. In addition, Mars will be really close to our planet on 07.27.2018 (57.7 million kilometers), which makes me think that 2018 will be one of the warmest year ever. Last time this happened was during summer of 2003, where the heat wave lasted for about three months. This, added to the few very dry past years, makes me believe that we should expect powerful wild fires. Looking at the chart of 07.27.2018, we also observe intense tensions:

2018 year of purification

So, we have Mars conjunct South Node, Moon, and Lilith opposite to Sun conjunct North Node, all being square to Uranus in the first degrees of Taurus (red lines triangle). The good thing is that Saturn will be Trine to Uranus and favorably otherwise aspected, which means that humanity will need to develop wisdom, patience and a sense of responsibility to transform positively the tensions to goi through this with limited damages. I want to emphasize the risk of nuclear hazard (Uranus = Uranium) as North Korean leader is escalating with nuclear threats and the US President respondING to it with arrogance. However, should we be worried with Kim Jong Un to start a nuclear war? I am not an expert in geopolitics but according to his chart, and the transits going on with him, it seems that his actions are blocked.

2018 year of purification

When you actually look at the slow planets transiting his chart, you can see that he is experiencing a huge turning point in his life. Indeed, this past year, Pluto has transited his Sun in Capricorn, having him question himself and quiet his ego. Besides, in the end of 2017, Saturn transits the conjunction Jupiter-Neptune at the end of Sagittarius, blocking his charismatic leadership. Even if Jupiter in Scorpio transits its natal Saturn during 2018, bringing him protection, its major supporting country (China) might very well withdraw from it. Still, he might send a missile with a nuclear warhead, but in this case it will be immediately intercepted and the international community will, with no doubt, react very firmly.
Will this be one of the fear that will guide humanity into the New Consciousness? That’s what I think as history shows that we always need the accident to happen to take action to avoid it to happen again.
Let’s hope that wisdom wins this battle and that the tensions between North Korea and the USA calms down.

Uranus in Taurus

Two major astrological events are going to happen in the end of 2017 and mid-2018: Saturn enters the sign of Capricorn on 12/21/2017 and Uranus enters the sign of Taurus on 05/16/2018. Leaving the fire signs and entering the earth signs, could lead to think that the energies will be less fiery and that the tensions of these last past months will calm down. But let’s not forget last time Uranus entered the Taurus (1935-1942) a little after and a little before WWII. As we know, the Taurus can be very violent if teased too much. However, the big difference between now and then is that Saturn is not conjunct to Uranus, but Trine, being in Capricorn. It is this very aspect that makes me think that Peace can prevail. Consequently and as we would be through summer of 2018, Uranus back in Taurus might start the return to Earth/ecological values: Nature, herbs and medicinal herbs, healthy food, respect for our body, body mind soul disciplines like yoga, Chi Gong, meditation, dance, music…

2018 year of purification… of our subtle bodies

As I just emphasized, respecting Mother Nature and consequently our physical body, since everything is related, is the path to Peace and healing of all our wounds. Most scientists and even Medical Doctors agree saying that the hectic way we feed ourselves is at the root of most disease we develop. Let’s change the way we eat and the purification of our subtle bodies will guide us to living a joyful, calm, quiet life as the symbol of the sign of Taurus suggests.
In other words, peaceful living cannot be achieved on Earth if human beings are not at peace with themselves, eradication of pollution on Earth and its ecosystem cannot be achieved as long as human beings do not actively work on their personal and inner level of pollution. This way, they will be more in sync with their soul and the Divine within.

Jupiter in Scorpio, trine to Neptune during the whole year 2018, creates the connection. Requiring of us more clarity, authenticity, prepares us to align our personality with our soul and to agree with our higher self. As we follow this path, we will become less affected by the New and Full Moons and will align with the Ascension more easily. More than ever we will need to be in sync at all times with ourselves, others, and our environment. The coming holidays are an opportunity to get closer to these universal values, those reminded by Christ and the Christmas celebration. Even if December 25 is not his real birth date, the spirit of Christ and his message of Unconditional Love will always belong to the hearts of those who aim at a better world.

May Light and Love always guide you.

Patrick Giani

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2018 year of purification

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2018 year of purification