Acceleration of evolution

Acceleration of evolution

by Patrick Giani

Acceleration of evolution I had no idea I would be so close to what actually happened when I wrote: ”2018, year of purification” in December 2017: “As Mars will be the closest from Earth on July 27, 2018 (at 57.7 million kilometers), 2018 might be the warmest year ever monitored. Last time it happened was during summer 2003 when the heat wave lasted 3 months in Europe. On top of this we are experiencing a drought for several years now that might definitely increase the possibilities of violent wild fires”…

Not only high waves records hit the ceiling everywhere in Europe but happened in countries like Sweden where it had never happened before with more than 35C, which caused a lot of wild fires and lots of casualties. It also happened once again in California with the biggest fire ever as well as in Portugal with temperature up to 46C in the shade, with roads asphalt melting. Nobody had ever witnessed something like this!

As I said, the last time Mars was that close from Earth, was in 2003 and before that, it was more than 60,000 years ago. Now, we will have to wait until year 2287 to find a similar planetary situation. We all wonder why this phenomenon happened in a span of 15 years. It might be designed for humanity to start adjusting to climate changes and/or CHANGE the way we live in accordance to Nature’s laws. As Nicolas Hulot said, isn’t it too late?

I am not a pessimist but as long as country leaders like president Trump will make decisions and impose their ways worldwide, humanity will endure the consequences as our planet will keep on the revolt and multiply all kinds of “natural” catastrophes.

As a result, we certainly can expect warmer and warmer summers even though I believe the recent heat waves were created by Mars’ proximity. In addition, the Square to Uranus together with the July 27th eclipse amplified the heat wave/drought/wild fires effects as my followers testified on the social networks. Many of them experimented a stressful summer with lots of tensions in their close environment: family disputes, break ups, accidents, questionings with drastic outcomes, in other words the full panel of experiences of Uranus-Mars dissonant aspect. As a reminder, see below the eclipse’s chart which mostly impacted people born on the first decant of fixed signs: (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius).

Acceleration of evolution


Acceleration of evolution and realizations

What can we do? Many of us feel disempowered and helpless, which I understand. But as all changes bring realizations, let’s ask the right questions. This acceleration of evolution isn’t it the best way to let go of old patterns and embrace the changes we have been waiting for?

What can we change INDIVIDUALLY, to stress less, pollute less, be healthy and maintain it? What can we change so that harmony and peace come back in our lives? The change needed is less towards material action than a spiritual one although both have to be taken into account. Facing chaos and disenchantment, our Life force and Love have to come first. Although the old world will keep crumbling down in the coming years, it cannot keep us to hope but mostly CO-CREATE the New World wanted by more and more people. This acceleration of evolution helps to increase the number of people who awaken to real Life, tear down the veils of illusion and open their loving hearts as they are loved by Source. Tomorrow will be what we INDIVIDUALLY do with our lives to start with, then we will see the changes at a collective level.

The Aquarius spirit is to grow individually while being dedicated and show solidarity. Compassion (suffer with) from the Pisces era to unconditional Love of the Aquarius era, we get to understand that it is important to start by us individually. Everybody who has done their personal work for decades will confirm the importance to start with yourself. These are the people who are able to guide other souls to their awakening. At first, their friends and relatives benefit from their light, then friends of relatives and so on. This acceleration of evolution is exponential, nothing can stop it. Even the planets around the Sun are going through a change of paradigm. Each “portal” given by the New and Full Moons, each eclipse, each solar eruption, the whole solar system grows too as well as our galaxy!

Acceleration of evolution


Acceleration of evolution in 2019-2020

With Jupiter entering Sagittarius and the conjunction Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn in 2019, we are going to go through another step of evolution. If the comeback of the Great Beneficiary in the sign it rules will be favorable for all (especially Fire signs), the conjunction Saturn-Pluto might be slightly difficult to experience for people born mid-July, mid-October, mid-April. Questionings and changes will be needed by next spring, but no sweat. It will go pretty smoothly. As for Capricorns of mid-January, it will be even easier as they know Saturn and its requirements quite well and also…. They are wiser. We will get back to this in next articles.

For now, let’s enjoy the forming of the Great Trine between Sun, Saturn and Uranus during the last days of August. This Earth Trine helps us to relax after a stressful summer. It’s time to settle down, get organized, clean (at all levels) and stabilize their situation. Natives of first decants Earth signs or Earth sign rising or planet in Earth will benefit the most from it. They are highly advised to take advantage of it before beginning of November. Consequently, all innovation projects, move or remodeling have to be done BEFORE end of October… Otherwise it might have to be rescheduled for a much later date.

Acceleration of evolution

The chart above is the one of the Full Moon of August 26th and we can note that the Great Trine soothes the Mars-Uranus Square (as Mars retrogrades in Capricorn). Some rest for the first decant natives of Fix Signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) who will still have to go through this again in the middle of September. As for the Scorpio and Pisces natives, Jupiter goodies will end soon and they will have to face their destiny, whether they want it or not…

As far as I am concerned, I will host a conference featuring Sandrine Verrycken near Aix en Provence on November 22, where I will autograph some of my books. To know more about this event, click here.

May Love and Light guide you.
Patrick Giani

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Patrick GianiAcceleration of evolution

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Acceleration of evolution