The eclipse, and after the eclipse…

The eclipse, and after…

By Patrick Giani

After the eclipse As mentioned in my previous paper, the shadow’s cone of the 08.21.2017 eclipse crossed the United States from West to East, preparing this great country for challenges, which effects could last several months. It took barely a week after the eclipse for hurricane Harvey to strike and initiate the challenging period.
I believe that it is not randomly that Texas was on Harvey’s trajectory even if the State did not experience the total eclipse of 08.21. Indeed the shadow is larger than the small ribbon of the shadow’s cone: it expands for several hundred miles on each side (as you can see below). Of course the same applies to Islands Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthelemy who were devastated by 95% by the second “monster” Irma, category 5 hurricane. As I am writing this article, Irma is on its way to Haiti and Florida where I’m afraid it will strike powerfully too.

after the eclipse

Is all of this random? We know that global warming does not necessarily increase the number of cyclones or hurricanes in the world. All scientists agree to say that it is their intensity that increases year after year. As global warming increases, the number of significant natural disasters, increase as well. This is not going to go away as humans, in spite of dozens of climate summit conferences have not succeeded in stopping nor reverse it.

There is another major influence: the vibrational resonance of countries involved with disasters. As we already know the Ascension process shows that the vibrational level of the planet increases year after year. As a result, everything that vibrates at a lower level is facing transformations, designed to elevate the vibrational level. But should the necessary transformations meet too much resistance or if darkness blocks it, destructions are more than likely. This being said, if we look with lucidness at the countries stroke by these disasters, we realize that these are areas where resistance are the most powerful and the vibrational levels quite low. Indeed, Texas hosts 15 oil refineries, many place in the South of the United States are still holding on racism and hate, Saint Martin and Saint Barthelemy, which are paradise for billionaires, or Haiti where voodoo and black magic are standard. It seems that the cleanse of Mother Nature aims to balance the vibrations of the planet, in order to enable its Ascension. After the eclipse
Let’s not see these events as some type of curse or fatality. I am not saying that these regions are under a curse, I am trying to demonstrate that these events are happening as a mean to reach vibrational balance. See, as an example, people of Haiti who are regularly victims of typhoons and hurricanes whereas people of the Dominical Republic who live on the same island are not as much. Indeed, voodoo and black magic are not as developed there as they are in Haiti. If Irma spares Haiti this time, it would probably mean that its people have started to follow the Love and Light vs the opposite vibration of fear and death.

after the eclipse

After the eclipse

Let’s now look back at the US and their president. If all of the recent catastrophes have not reached Donald Trump’s understanding that it is time to step forward from past America (re: Make America great again) and acknowledge that global warming is real, then, North America will have to face new challenges in the coming months. Let’s pray that North American who are resisting, surrender and wake up, in order to raise the vibrational level of this great country. This would in turn have a tremendous effect on the rest of the world as we are all interconnected. Let’s not forget that.
France is lucky to have Nicolas Hulot, member of the government, which is not surprising, as our country has initiated the energy transition. It is not random either that Emmanuel Macron has chosen to check in with the Paris Accord signatories on 12/12, which makes me wonder if our President (who calls himself Jupiterian) knows Astrology (unless it is unconscious). When I look at the 12/12 chart, I find it quite harmonious:

after the eclipse

Planets in Sagittarius (Macron’s Sun sign) are all connected to a positive aspect to Uranus in Aries, which highlights their resonance at the international level, strongly anchored. This does not mean that it will be a full success as we observe the resistance between Pluto and the Moon (the people). In addition, Lilith in Sagittarius spoils the party. On the other hand with Jupiter trine Neptune, we can hope that the financial circles understand that they should support the energy transition (which matches the supply and demand).

Obviously, this 08.21.2017 eclipse has emphasized people’s weaknesses, especially the politician’s who went along with fear and division. I am particularly thinking about Trump with his “America First”, Theresa May and the Brexit with which she starts facing hidden difficulties, Kim Jong-un in North Korea and its nuclear madness (I will talk about this in the next article) and all the other countries who deny democracy, refuse freedom and solidarity.

Things seem to evolve in the right direction in France, as its leaders have chosen social dialog, the remodeling of institutions, energy resources, (in some extend as CETA agreement has been signed) and regulations which aim to moderate individual businesses. And even though they will have to face challenges, the fact that they chose to follow the flow of life is the most important. I find that this liberation is less about incarnated beings than about their souls who are in a quest for evolution. Fear’s vibration opposes Love’s which means that the path of evolution initiated by the eclipses requests to let go of the past fears and welcome the values of Love: sharing, brotherhood, solidarity, compassion, altruism. These are the true values of humanity at the time where the layers of illusion dissipate and where people wake up to the truth of this world. The spirit matters more than the manifested reality. As an Irma survivor said: I lost everything… but I’m alive!

Personally, during the days following the eclipse, I observed on social medias many people who would freak out, many psychosomatic episodes, deeper levels of questioning but also an incredible release of souls seeking Joy Love and Light. The 2017 wave kept all of its promises. The silent revolution is on its way. The New World is emerging slowly but surely and YOU who read this article participated to it. Thank you for that.

May Light and Love always guide you.

After the eclipse

PS: September 9th: I just learned that two huge eruptions on the Sun’s surface happened a few days prior.

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After the eclipse

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After the eclipse