Conjunction Pluto South Node

Conjunction Pluto South Node

by Patrick Giani

In an article published in November 2018, I mentioned the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, which will run from Spring of 2019 until Fall of 2020.
As this aspect will last several months, let’s look into the Conjunction Pluto South Node, which will be exact on April 5th and will prepare to the old world’s collapse. In this regard, I find interesting that more and more people believe in the collapse theory which announces the end of our civilization as described in “Comment tout peut s’effondrer” by Pablo Servigne and Raphael Stevens. In this chart, Pluto in conjunction with South Node receives three other aspects:

Conjunction with slowly approaching Saturn, Sextile to conjunction Mercury-Neptune in Pisces (blue lines) and Square the luminaries (red lines) as April 5th will be New Moon day in Aries. Lunar periods are often shaky and this one will be particularly intense. At worst, it could be a period of revolts and major clashes, at best a questioning of our institutions and systems.
Pluto conjunct South Node reveals injustice, all maneuvers from politicians, businesses and bankers to keep people dependant. This conjunction requires from those in power to change the laws that rule the country. It requires from every one, including the people, to be genuine and authentic. In this regard, France is a pioneer as the Yellow Vests movement has forced the government to question itself. Speaking of which, I do not know if Emmanuel Macron read my “Letter to the President” but it seems that he heard his Saturn Trine natal Moon’s advice at the beginning of the year. The initiative of the “grand debat” is related to this aspect. He gets closer to his people and his approval ratings are slightly coming up. Nevertheless, it is not over and things will be tensed in the Spring.

Conjunction Pluto South Node

Sextile to Mercury-Neptune conjunction: it can help to find ways out of the crisis, but only if the intent is genuine and directed to HELP others. As Mercury is related to youth, young people might be the gate to the evolution of consciousness. There won’t be any major changes away from the spiritual dimension. Now, the risk with Mercury in Pisces is the influence of all kind of extremes although Venus is pretty close, well placed and strong in Pisces. As Jimi Hendrix said: “When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.”


Conjunction Pluto South Node and their former conjunction

The Pluto/South Node conjunction, which happens about every 15 years is not particularly significant. On the other hand, this conjunction in Capricorn is less frequent as it happened last in 1777. Let’s look into what happened then:

In France, Louis XVI had appointed Necker as General Director of Finances (June 29th, 1777). Together they carried on the tax reform of work in order to bring cash for the State, without overwhelming the people nor irritate the wealthy and the landlords. Necker implements two immediately lucrative systems: loans and the lottery (Wikipedia). Isn’t it interesting to observe the similarities between then and today, whereas the yellow vests are comparing Macron with Louis XVI…
In the US, this conjunction corresponds with the second semester of 1777, a few months after the Declaration of Independence. Battles against the British are still going on. 1777 is also the year of the Flag Resolution, first flag with 13 stars. Freedom is also raising with Vermont being the first State to abolish slavery. There is some similarities between then and now with Great Britain isolating itself from the rest of Europe. This sounds like a “karmic debt” to pay to the nations from the past for fighting them (The UK’s chart with a Capricorn Sun, opposing its Moon in Cancer at 19 degrees which is currently opposed to the Pluto / South Node conjunction). As well for the US who own the prize of the most military interventions.


Conjunction Pluto South Node and Trumps’ wall at the Mexican border

It looks like the States are also involved in this “return from the past” at the occasion of the Pluto / South Node conjunction in April 2019. In spite of the good economy, Donald Trump is going down in the polls, even from his own base. More over, a huge majority of Republicans voted against an exit from NATO regularly being targeted by Trump. The new “slaves” of the US financial capitalism is the increasingly poor middle class, together with the immigrants from Central America who are being refused entry to the USA. In addition, his constant criticism against Europe, the commercial war he started with China, contribute in tarnishing the image of the US in the world. All of this impacts the country negatively and might backfire. The President of the United States should meditate on the following quote from St Exupery: “Men build too many walls and not enough bridges” The Pluto transit on the South Node will be immediately followed by the Saturn transit on April 30th. Saturn announces challenges.

Conjunction Pluto South Node

What could happen during this transit in the end of April? The natal Sun of the US Declaration of Independence, squares Saturn while natal Mercury opposes Pluto. That could very well announce a financial crisis. On the above chart, Jupiter (the banks) is square Neptune (confusion) and opposes Mars in Gemini (data processing). Mercury (commerce) in Aries is dissonant to the triple conjunction in Capricorn holding all initiative.
It is difficult to predict how this crisis is going to manifest. The subprime crisis of 2008 surprised everyone. It will probably be the same in 2019… unless it shows up in 2020 with the two other conjunctions…

As for France, there is no doubt that the Yellow Vests movement will show consequences at the following dates as per the below chart of the V Republic. The outcome will probably be similar as those of May 1968: exodus of a big number of city people to the countryside and loosen up of the system. The experience that was lived on the roundabouts with solidarity and mutual help has been an awakening of many French people, with no possibility of regress. In this regard, the Yellow Vests have served the French people in helping them to open their eyes on political manipulations and power extravagance. The risk would be to demonize the government and expect too much from its dismissal. Reality is that true change comes from within. Another way to live is possible, it’s everybody’s job to find it. No rush though. Let’s not forge that the Saturn/Pluto conjunction will operate in three phases: Spring 2019, January 11, 2020 (exact) and September 2020 (with an orb of 2 degrees). I will get back to that in future articles where I will focus on the impact it will have at a personal level…


Conjunction Pluto South Node and karma

During this time, Pluto will operate through people’s consciousness, shedding the light on the shadow, purging and purifying Humans to end the loopholes of karmic past habits. What’s the point? Since it’s about the Nodes axis, it is important to take the North Node in account, which in this case is in Cancer: Give back their sovereignty to the people, families as a focus, encourage people to achieve their dreams.

After all of these months of deep questioning, Humanity will have evolved…

May Love and Light guide you.
Patrick Giani

Translation Laurence Johnson

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Patrick GianiConjunction Pluto South Node

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Conjunction Pluto South Node