Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius

By Patrick Giani

I have talked about the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius for a few month now, in some of my articles, podcasts and conferences. I felt it was time for me to write a summary about it. Even though Jupiter and Saturn will not enter Aquarius before a few months.
The other reason why I felt I should do it is because I feel that many people around me could need hopeful news as the present times are rather generating sadness and despair.
In spite of the many material posted in the social media, who contradict the COVID 19 official version, many people believe in a second wave. I know that, at the time that I am writing this, people are afraid because the number of contamination and admissions in reanimation have kept increasing in the last couple of weeks.
It is the case in France but also in other countries. So, what is to think about the Scandinavian countries where there were no confinement, where wearing a mask is not mandatory, where there are very little new cases and no death? Is it just luck? I would suggest to meditate on Carl Jung’s quote: “what you resist persists” and “what you embrace dissolves.”
Should we indeed fear a second wave? Let’s remember that the spread of the epidemic, happened astrologically during the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn on January 10, 2020, and came with an eclipse:

The sudden acceleration of the epidemic around the world happened during the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, from Mars to June. Jupiter’s influence was to amplify the pandemic, this is when it reached the US, Brazil and India. Then, we witnessed an improvement of the situation during summer, which led us to believe that it was the end of the pandemic. But since mid-September, we can see that the pandemic began to increase again and the authorities started to reinforce measures like wearing the mask and closing businesses, among them bars and restaurants in several cities. This matches the current Saturn-Pluto conjunction, which is not exact, since Saturn will be moving away from Pluto by the end of October. Although, we are not out of the woods quite yet since the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction who formed last Spring, will form again, and for the last time, on November 13th.

Let’s expect in mid-November, another increase of cases in the world, since the conjunction will be exact and, for a few days, disharmonic with Venus in Libra. Although the conjunction will not anymore square Mars retrograde in Aries, it will be in harmonic aspect to the Sun in Scorpio. This might very well minimise its power. The Moon-Venus square makes me think that women and artists might be the most impacted. This could manifest as the last extension of the pandemic or a flu epidemic or a natural catastrophe. Now, a few days later we should witness a drastic fall in the statistics of the epidemic since, by end of November, Jupiter will move away from Pluto, will come in conjunction with Saturn, opening together the gates of Aquarius…

Then Christmas will be around the corner, with the two giants exactly conjunct in the first degrees of Aquarius. This is extraordinary because I could not find in the ephemeris any similar aspect between the two, at the beginning of Aquarius. Because of that, we can be certain that we will experience a sudden and quick change of energies and paradigm. From the slow, cold and harshness of EARTHY Capricorn, we will move to AIRY Aquarius filled with freedom, solidarity, fraternity and be under the impression that the World has changed! For some, it will not only be an impression but a reality 🙂
To give you an idea, let’s go back to the way you felt around  March 23rd, during confinement. That was when Saturn first entered Aquarius (before he went retrograde and back in Capricorn).  We would all give an ovation every day at 8pm at the medical staff, people would help each other through the social networks, people were creative and rediscovered nature, imposed silence and quietness. We could feel a sense of freedom and even optimism, in spite of the confinement. When Jupiter will team up with Saturn in Aquarius by the end of December, it will amplify enthusiasm and need for FREEDOM.

The below chart of December 21, 2020, shows the reunion of the two giants at the first degree of Aquarius, the Winter solstice day who symbolically announces the “return of Light”, together with a very symbolic date: 12.21.2020. I bet that at this time, masks will not be mandatory anymore. We will finally be able to hug freely, smile and offer our Christmas presents with happiness and joy.
This will not be true for everybody, trauma will still be present, fear will not have totally left, but the LIBERATION of the souls will have definitely started. Is it a coincidence that this configuration will happen a few days before Nativity? Moreover, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction exists in Jesus chart. Let’s check why:

In Jesus’ chart, that I studied in a 2011 article, and after 10 years of research, we can see a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Pisces. Each time I look at this chart I can’t help thinking: What a beautiful soul, incarnating at the time of the conjunction of the two giants, together with a great Trine in Water, passed through the symbolic cross that showed his Ascension, more than 2,000 years ago.
Is it a coincidence if the same conjunction appears in Buddha’s chart? This great soul was born under the full Moon of April 12th, 563 BCE, (-562) of Julian calendar at Lumbini Maya DeviTemple, NEPAL, according to the “long corrected timeline” date of Siddhartha’s birth. We notice in his chart the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aries, very close to his natal Sun, which would confirm his royal lineage.

Is it still a coincidence that this same conjunction is found in Mahomet (Mohammed) born on April 20th,  571 of Julian calendar, at Mecca? The Prophet’s chart shows a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio, forming a Water Trine with Mars and Pluto. We also note that his Sun is in opposition to the conjunction and square to Uranus, which depicts a difficulty to pass on his teachings in his lifetime.

Even if the sources and exactitude of these births are controversial, it seems that the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction plays a big part in the destiny of spiritual leaders. This is quite understandable as the two giants represent power and  authority. Most of people who have this conjunction in their chart have charism and a destiny out of the norm (as long as the rest of the chart is not disharmonic). The last time this conjunction happened, it was back in 1961, but Saturn was still in Capricorn when Jupiter entered in Aquarius. If you were born at this time, the Holidays will be particularly significant for you.

To wrap it all up, we are at the threshold of a huge shift and it is important that we get prepared for it. If the pandemic lasts this long, it is probably because the necessary transition between the old and the new world requires humans to change their suicidal way of living, to let go of the past, to question themselves and stick with reality. The Pluto time of purification, even if it is painful, is necessary. Our children, grandchildren and future of humanity is at stake.
The more we will be able to let go of the ego, the more we will raise our consciousness and align with our soul’s needs: Freedom, Joy and Love.

May Love and Light guide you.
Patrick Giani

Translation Laurence Johnson

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Patrick Giani is a well known French astrologer, writer, speaker, teacher and healer.
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