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Jupiter in Scorpio and the quest for truth

Jupiter in Scorpio and the quest for truth

By Patrick Giani

Jupiter in Scorpio and the quest for truth The Zodiac’s least liked sign, Scorpio, is above all a truth seeker.
Its way to get there is often abrupt, not always straight forward but the aim is often the same: unveil what is hidden.
As a matter of fact, since Jupiter entered the sign of Scorpio, on October 10th, there has not been one day where we have not heard about a secret revealed, a scandal or breaking news all over the media. The Weinstein scandal, this film producer accused by dozens of actresses of sexual harassment, assault and rape has started exactly on October 10th when The New Yorker published an article of Ronan Farrow. Since then, the rest of the western media took over, together with the social media groups created to gather testimonies and such.

As we can observe through this episode, the Scorpio gets to the point and its quest for truth unveils secrets and illusion. Actually this is going to get bigger with Sun being conjunct to Jupiter from October 25th through October 29th. As per the below chart, the exact conjunction will be on October 26th at 3.32 degrees Scorpio:

Jupiter in Scorpio and the quest for truth

As I said, Jupiter in Scorpio represents the quest for truth. Why does it manifest itself so vividly? Because this Sun-Jupiter conjunction trines Neptune in Pisces which activates a worldwide awakening during the Ascension creating a change of paradigm. The attention brought to women in France and in the US means that it is more than time to listen to them and to respect them. In the mean time, it shows to men that women are not objects designed to please them and their desires. They are going to have to question their sexist and dominant behavior, apologize for everything women had to go through for centuries at work, in politics, show business and pornography.

Jupiter in Scorpio and the quest for truth

I noticed as well in the news that Algeria accuses Moroccan banks to launder drug money ; Donald Trump does not oppose the publishing of JFK’s murder archives… I bet the truth on what really happened will be of some interest! I also see the quest of truth with the unresolved murder cases that have happened recently in France: the trial of Fiona’s abductors might help to find her body. The evidences against the major suspect concerning Maëlys case might help to put some light on this tragedy. Not mentioning the Gregory cold case of 33 years, which might finally come to an end while Jupiter travels through Scorpio up until November 9th, 2018.

Prior to entering in Scorpio, Jupiter did a good job in Libra, working for peace where it was in danger like in the Middle East or North Korea. The risk for nuclear war is not away yet. The opposition between Jupiter and Uranus is over and I believe that Jupiter in Scorpio will help each side to reach a compromise. Now, the Trine formed by Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries, which will be over at the end of the year, matches with the end of fights with Daech as mentioned many times in the previous articles. This does not mean the end of war in these countries, since the victory is being disputed between local groups but the International Coalition managed to chase jihadists off their fief, which we can agree to say is an accomplishment.

As we can observe from the chart above, Venus in Libra, Square Pluto (The Great Vigilante), Inconjunct (Aspect of service) to Neptune, shows the quest for truth and the need of clarity. Venus in Libra expresses the need for harmony, beauty, kindness, romanticism and peace. Here is exactly what women are telling to men right now: “Love us for real, not only for our bodies but for who we are: Loving hearts connected to Source just like you guys! Soon, our children will live together on Mother Earth. Let’s not leave the place devastated like in the Middle East. Listen to us and start building together this other World that we are all looking forward to co-create, mindfully. To get there, find your peace within, and stop looking forward more conquest, fights and performances. Bliss is right here, in your chest, in this beating heart who wants to love, sincerely, unconditionally.”

Jupiter in Scorpio and the quest for truth

In this ascending period, where soul searching and the flow of light require a profound and sometimes disturbing personal work, let’s keep your center and stay faithful. Everything we go trough right now in our body is related to what we repress. This is part of the cleanse that needs to be done to evolve spiritually and increase our vibrations. Sometimes our quest for truth takes us to painful places, but in the end, this is what allows growth and takes us to places of wisdom.

“What man does not want to learn by wisdom, he will learn through suffering.”  Melkisedech

May Light and Love always guide you.

Jupiter in Scorpio and the quest for trut

Translation Laurence Johnson
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Jupiter in Scorpio and the quest for truth

Patrick Giani is a well known French astrologer, writer, speaker, teacher and healer.
He has published many books. He is also the author of all horoscopes at

Jupiter in Scorpio and the quest for truth