Mars under high tension

Mars under high tension

By Patrick Giani

Mars under high tension  : I chose this headline as it refers to both the month of March and the planet Mars (which spell the same in French: Mars) in this most important time of 2018. I want to emphasize that March, this year, begins and ends with a Full Moon: on the 2nd and the 31st. In between of course, there will be a New Moon on March 17th. Which is, as I will develop below, quite special.

Let’s get back and focus on Saturn, which entered Capricorn beginning of December 2017. Many of you sensed this time as being pretty heavy, frustrating and discouraging, even though it comes with some much needed stability and common sense as I emphasized in my last article. As a matter of fact, Saturn entering Capricorn happened simultaneously with the return of the Uranus-Pluto square from which we had forgotten the stressful and persistent restrictive effects. The good news is that this square will be over end of March for good.

On the other hand, we have been missing the Saturn-Uranus trine in Fire, which has helped with the recovery of the economy in 2016-2017 as well as with the end of Daesh. It brought a nice dynamic that supported and gave a direction to our hopes and goals. No worries, it’s not over: the trine between the two planets will form again but this time it will be in Earth. It will keep supporting our hopes, but in a different way. I will develop this further in the spring…


March 2nd’s Full Moon and Mars under high tension

The March 2nd’s Full Moon happens during the Sun-Neptune conjunction in Pisces while Mars is in Sagittarius, square to Venus-Mercury in Pisces. No biggie, but that should bring some tensions for the natives of Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius. To be more specific, there will be a lot of frustrated desires, shooting in the dark, disillusions, and the Moon in Virgo will add to it, its load of doubts and suspicion. At least, Jupiter in Scorpio helps in maintaining the status quo and Saturn makes sure that everybody remains reasonable…

Mars under high tension


As we can see on the below Chart, the March 17th’s New Moon seems to be more prone to conflicts. Indeed, Mars at the end of Sagittarius, squares the Luminaries while getting closer to Saturn. On top of this, the Venus-Mercury conjunction is disharmonic to Pluto and Saturn. At this point, tensions will be felt by Cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Reevaluations, adjustments or break ups (wanted or not) are necessary for these signs. From a positive perspective, the purpose of the challenges raising will be to be set free from old patterns or difficult situations becoming increasingly unbearable.
As Anaïs Nin would say: “The day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” This being said, Jupiter in Scorpio, through its harmonic aspects to the Luminaries and to Pluto, eases the transformation. Even if Mars is in a conflict mode, its trine to Uranus encourages innovative initiatives for natives of the last decan.

Mars under high tension

March 31st’s Full Moon and Mars under high tension.

This New Moon clearly shows the outcome of the two previous phases. It starts when the conjunction Mars-Saturn enters in Capricorn. The Luminaries are quite isolated, which increases the tensions, just like if they were trapped between Mars and Saturn. Again, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are affected by it. The only available release here is brought by Venus entering in Taurus, forming a light trine with Mars and Saturn during the second week of April.

Meanwhile, we will have to face the challenge. Here is why:

Mars under high tension

Mars under high tension

For Mars and Saturn to combine their forces in the builder sign of Capricorn, it requires that our initiatives are aligned, that we won’t shoot for easy ways out, be lazy or impulsive. Even if during this period we feel the urge to speed, or spill the obstacles, it’s important to “not put the cart before the horse” and if necessary, wait for the right time to move. This is what Uriel called the “sacred time” during the first channeling. Let the Universe unfold, as it should, while surfing on the wave of here and now, which is the way to go! You know it is happening when you arrive at the bus stop as the bus just parks ; you think of somebody and they call you, you look for a parking space and here it is, one just frees in front of you. Needless to add that the Middle Path applies and it is necessary to find balance between do and let go, so that you don’t get disappointed.
This is the reason why, if you are looking for a major life-changing move (home, work, partner) you should hold it a few weeks or months if necessary to make the right move. This New Moon points out the issues, the challenges to face and it is important that you do not push for things to happen too fast. Make sure you give enough time to the process.

I am not saying that this Full Moon is bad or negative, because with the tension comes the dynamic. It is more like a necessary crisis to enable the switch into the New World. This is a time of spiritual revelation, raise of consciousness, a turning point working its way to reconnect with the soul. For those who are already on their spiritual path, it is the beginning of the changes you have been hoping for, the beginning of a new life, more fulfilling, more fun and exhilarating. This is my dearest wish to you.

May love and light guide you.
Patrick Giani

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Patrick GianiMars under high tension

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Mars under high tension