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How to turn Saturn transits into something positive

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In general we connect the Sun to personality and energy and that’s when the transit of Saturn is going to happen. During this transit the sunbeam won’t work as much as usual. The energy will be reduced as well: we may be tired, cowardly, and sometimes during the day we may feel drained. Moreover, we also may feel down: we are nervous about irrelevant things and our future doesn’t seem to be as bright as usual. Our personal ambition is decreasing just as much as our creativity. We may step back for a while even though we are no artist. People around us don’t need our company anymore. That’s why we tend to isolate from people in general. Overall this phase is about loneliness , but we may unconsciously try to stay like that (analysing the aspects that connect Saturn to the Sun will give you some information about it).

« Vanity of vanities, all is vanity », we understand better the meaning of this maxim during the transit: we realize our joy for life is connected to the personal enthusiasm we develop at the same time. However if during a dissonant transit of Saturn we are realistic…we might not be lucid. We tend to dramatize to the point where everything is negative. It’s only at the end of the last phase at the forward stroke that we realize there’s a positive aspect and that it’s also beneficial…

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 Patrick Giani booklets

Patrick Giani booklets Pluto

How to turn Pluto transits into something positive

Extract of Patrick Giani booklets


 General meaning of the transit

For the next few months your energy and your personality are put to the test. There is discomfort in your life and you will be worried and scared without even knowing the reasons why. You know there is something wrong, a feeling of rebellion and deep unsatisfaction, and you sometimes feel like there is a sword of Damocles above your heard. Your energy is decreasing and it’s hard for you to keep your cool. This challenge may come from someone else, someone who is trying to have some sort of power over you (hierarchical, financial or sexual) but it may even be yourself trying to influence someone else, consciously or not. In any case, don’t let people take you down but you also need to avoid fighting.

Learn how to let go when you have to by being humble, even if it is painful. Actually during this phase we will need to radically change our ego. It’s time we questioned ourselves, we need to leave the past behind and let go of material things or emotional hang-ups in order to become more creative and real. We need to lay bare our soul in order to change our personality and to become more creative. The good thing about it is that thanks to this transit we become more aware of what’s dark in our subconscious. We may need to talk about it in a therapy unless we find our own way to deal with our obsessions, self-esteem or even unconscious desires of becoming « someone ». If the relationship we have with our father (or husband for the ladies) is becoming complicated, it’s time to change our behaviour in order to have a good relationship again. During the retrograde phase the values of Pluto will probably be assimilated because we usually go through the first phase (check it out in the list of transits) with a lot of resistance. As a consequence we may be rebellious, egocentric or megalomaniac. At the end of this exhausting but liberating period we will realize we have deeply changed, that we are now true to ourselves and that we just have gone through a rebirth…

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