Conjunction Pluto South Node

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Conjunction Pluto South Node by Patrick Giani In an article published in November 2018, I mentioned the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, which will run from Spring of 2019 until Fall of 2020. As this aspect will last several months, let’s look into the Conjunction Pluto South Node, which will be exact on April 5th and […]

Saturn Pluto conjunction

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Saturn Pluto conjunction by Patrick Giani The Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn of 2019-2020 while be a milestone in the History of humanity. This conjunction happens every 40 years and every 500 years in a specific sign. For this reason, if we want to understand how it is going to manifest in the sign of […]

Acceleration of evolution

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Acceleration of evolution by Patrick Giani Acceleration of evolution I had no idea I would be so close to what actually happened when I wrote: ”2018, year of purification” in December 2017: “As Mars will be the closest from Earth on July 27, 2018 (at 57.7 million kilometers), 2018 might be the warmest year ever […]

The Mars Uranus square

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The Mars Uranus Square by Patrick Giani As we talked about in the previous article related to Uranus entering Taurus, we are going to hear much about The Mars Uranus square as it will repeat itself several times during the summer due to the retrograde effect of the two planets. It will be exact on […]

Uranus in Taurus

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Uranus in Taurus By Patrick Giani With Uranus in Taurus, from 2018 to 2026, we are going to step from a Fire energy (Aries) to an Earth energy. This should announce a quieter era than the last 7 years, especially as Uranus in Taurus trines Saturn in Capricorn. North Korea committing to denuclearize and promising […]

Mars under high tension

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Mars under high tension By Patrick Giani Mars under high tension  : I chose this headline as it refers to both the month of March and the planet Mars (which spell the same in French: Mars) in this most important time of 2018. I want to emphasize that March, this year, begins and ends with […]

Saturn in Capricorn

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Saturn in Capricorn By Patrick Giani Saturn in Capricorn After having traveled the zodiac for nearly thirty years, Saturn just came back in Capricorn, the sign it rules. It will stay in this sign for a little bit more than three years. What should we expect of this great planet, remarkable in the night sky […]

2018 Year of purification

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2018 Year of purification by Patrick Giani The reason why I named this article the way I did 2018 year of purification is because it naturally follows the previous one: “Jupiter in Scorpio and the quest for Truth” where we stressed the role of Jupiter in this sign: reveal what is hidden. Now, at the […]