Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn in Capricorn

By Patrick Giani

Saturn in Capricorn After having traveled the zodiac for nearly thirty years, Saturn just came back in Capricorn, the sign it rules. It will stay in this sign for a little bit more than three years. What should we expect of this great planet, remarkable in the night sky with its beautiful rings ?

The last Saturn return in Capricorn happened on February 15, 1988 and it was exceptional. Indeed, this very day Uranus also entered into this Cardinal sign, and gave Saturn an incredible momentum, wish speed up the evolution of consciousness. For those who can remember it, it was the starting point of a growing interest for spirituality, supernatural, social science, personnal development. The organic food stores and businesses started to emerge as well as countless energy healing workshops, teachings about chakras, yoga and meditation classes, alternative medicines, psychology, kinesiology, numerology, astrology which were catching more and more people’s interest.

Saturn in Capricorn


This very day, I was invited to a meeting organized by the « Syndicat des Astrologues de France, SNAF » Counsel of French Astrologers and we could feel the tension, yet, quite stimulating of experienced and recognized astrologers like Elisabeth Teissier and Nadir and the younger generation of astrologers I was belonging to with Laurence Larzul among others. Saturn was coming back home to get the Counsel in order but Uranus was calling for change! And change happened in a way that nobody could have expected (Uranus) and started changing the life of many people.

This is the very reason why I believe that, 29 years after, the return of Saturn in Capricorn is filled with promises for huge changes. This time, Uranus is not conjunct but trine to Saturn (When it will enter the sign of Taurus next May). This means that this time there will not be any confrontation between the Tradition and Renewal but an ADAPTATION of both planetary resonances. In addition, Saturn entering into its ruling sign has been even more exceptional since it happened at the very moment when the Sun was also entering Capricorn on December 21, 2017, as well as Venus, which brought a touch of warmth to this rather harsh encounter at the top of the Cardinal cross.

Saturn in Capricorn


Saturn in Capricorn and the return of common sense

When Saturn comes back home, everything feels heavy at first. This is what most sensitive people felt at the beginning of January. But as imposing as Saturn can be, you don’t have to follow its way. Like a good responsible parent, it looks after its children with kindness bur firmness. An iron hand in a velvet glove. We are not dealing anymore with the enthusiast, conquering Fire of the Sagittarius but with the Capricorn Earth, cold and stable, rigid and wise. In other words, this is “common sense” coming back. Indeed, North Korea is back to the table of negotiations, Trump is stepping back with the Paris climate agreement, stating that the US could get back in it. In France, the new speed limit at 80 km/hour instead of 90 or the driver’s license withdrawal for driving while talking on the phone. This is going to go on and will probably generate reactions and contesting as France as this country does take liberty seriously. Well, during these three “Capricornian” years, Saturn will probably question us about freedom: Does the capitalist quest for material abundance provide freedom? Or does it end up alienating us creating limiting systems… which is a paradox.


Saturn in Capricorn and its Trine to Uranus

A new consciousness and a new type of societies have emerged from the last thirty years, starting in 1988 when Saturn and Uranus were conjunct in Capricorn. Just like every planetary cycle, it has a specific timing (45 years), with positive and negative aspects between the two planets: The first Square between Saturn and Uranus was in 2001 (!) and their opposition, between 2007 and 2010. The effect of these aspects on human beings is pretty obvious during these difficult years. Now, up until, the next conjunction, which will happen in 2032, we will be in an evolutionary cycle, in Earth signs.

Individually, we will feel the need to ground ourselves, to connect with Mother Nature and manifest what we started building during the Fire Trine between 2015 and 2017. We are going to develop new ideals but based on Earth values like security.
If, since the beginning of the year, you happen to find yourself under the impression that you lose your center, your values do not serve you anymore, you doubt your faith, know that it is only an impression. It is just that things are shifting. It certainly feels uncomfortable but the best you can do is to relax and learn to let yourself be guided by your guidance system and align to your higher self, so that things unfold naturally. All of this will be more obvious in the Spring, when Uranus enters in Taurus.

Meanwhile, it is important to leave the past behind and if necessary do more soul searching as suggested by the New Moon of January 17th.

Saturn in Capricorn


Saturn in Capricorn and the New Moon of January 17th

When you look at this chart, you can see that no less than 6 planets are in Capricorn (plus Lilith), out of 10 ! The least we can say is that this New Moon is the beginning of constructive times. Now, Uranus is Square to the luminaries, which also means that we can expect surprises, socially and individually, especially for people born in the last 10 days of Capricorn and Aries as well as those born the last 10 days of Cancer and Libra.

Venus being conjunct to the luminaries, softens the Capricorn roughness and her love touch will help us make the right decisions. When we focus on Love, everything is easier. Also the conjucntion Mars/Jupiter in Scorpio helps the conjunction in Capricorn, Trine to Neptune, which helps to make happy and smart decisions. Let’s all wait for the results on January 31st !

Anyways, we aill have many occasions to talk about the Saturn-Uranus Trine in the coming months…

Meanwhile, Happy New Year 2018 under the influence of number 11 who is all about mastery, inspiration and inner strength.

May Love and Light be with you.

Patrick Giani

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