Saturn Pluto conjunction

Saturn Pluto conjunction

by Patrick Giani

The Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn of 2019-2020 while be a milestone in the History of humanity.
This conjunction happens every 40 years and every 500 years in a specific sign. For this reason, if we want to understand how it is going to manifest in the sign of Capricorn shortly, we need to use the time machine that is, the ephemeris, go back and check the historical context of last time it happened.
Last time the two planets formed a conjunction was between 1518 and 1520. The two major events of this area were: the start of Protestantism and the Conquistadors landing in Central America (discovery of Maya civilization in February 1517 and Aztec civilization in May 1518).
Martin Luther started Protestantism publishing the 95 Thesis on the door of the church of Wittemberg against abuses in the sale of indulgences by the Roman Catholic Church. (Offering remission against hard cash), as well as papal supremacy and indulgence towards the high clergy’s practices (mostly towards sex).
History seems to repeat itself since the Roman Catholic Church is presently loosing worshipers because of the multiple pedophile priests scandals. Islam has also lost some of its credibility because of the jihadists’ terror attacks. People are losing interest in religions, even rejecting it sometimes, with an increased attraction to spirituality with no rules nor dogma.
During the XVI century, the old world was dreaming of a “new world”, throwing itself into the discovery and conquest of new lands, across the oceans. Well, today there are no lands to discover anymore, all conquerors can do is GO INWARD. Their quest of a New World is about finding happiness, well-being and true Love in the depth of their unconscious and soul.

Saturn Pluto conjunction


The Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn

This is about two slow planets meeting in the sign of Capricorn, ruled by Saturn.
Saturn is about everything hard that lasts including rocks and stones that are used by men to build constructions along the time. Some have lasted for centuries like the pyramids in Egypt, which is not nearly the case of contemporary constructions. I am particularly thinking of the sudden fall of bridges in Italy and more recently, the buildings that collapsed in Marseille, France. I believe that similar events could happen under this conjunction. I also believe that the government will not have the time to decide and start a plan prior to end of 2020 (date of the last conjunction of the two planets).
This also applies to the structural system of our planet and I would expect movements from the tectonic plates, with earthquakes, tsunamis and mud casting. I also want to mention icebergs which we thought were eternal and might be melting at a fast pace…


The Saturn Pluto conjunction and the collapse of the old world

Saturn is also about laws, all laws that are designed to last to support order and justice. In this regard, the reunion of the Great Vigilante (Pluto) and the Lord of Karma (Saturn) might wipe out institutions, questioning their role, the way they operate and their inability to adapt. The education system in France for instance who has a hard time to catch up on new technologies and parents’ requests. The number of students transferring from public to private institutions, like Montessori or Steiner is increasing significantly and will probably keep increasing.
The same applies to the Justice Department including prisons. The system has become pretty unmanageable, whatever the number of prisoners as nothing is done to avoid recidivism or explore alternatives. The public sector is going to have to reevaluate and reform itself too, at the cost of loss of privileges. As for the financial world, it is probably going to shake pretty good by the end of 2020. As I wrote in an article of 2008, Pluto transiting in the sign of Capricorn will end the era of Capitalism.
Pluto brings to light all kinds of intrigues, conspiracy, embezzlement, fraud, injustice and scams. We might very well question the public debt which is the cause of all economic, cultural and social problems of the past 50 years (read this paper on the law of January 3rd, 1973).
As you can see, many areas of our societies will be affected by these challenges brought by the conjunction of these two planets in the cold (but wise) sign of Capricorn. The conjunction of the two slow planets will occur three times: the first time will be beginning of April 2019, the second time will be in January 2020 (exact) and the last time in November 2020.
See below the New Moon chart of April 5th 2019, which talks for itself as it shows the Saturn-Pluto-South Node conjunction, square to the luminaries in Aries (we will talk about it in a few months).

Saturn Pluto conjunction

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction and the planetary cycles

All of the above is confirmed by the Andre Barbault’s planetary cycles charts, which were proven right as soon as they were first published in 1978.
Those charts take in account ten planetary cycles. When the cycles are in the 0°-180° phase, planets are separating from each other, this is the involutionary cycle, showed as ascending curve. When the cycle is, in its majority evolutionary, from 180° to 0°, the planets are getting closer to each other and is indicated by a descending curve. In both charts, we can see very clearly the descending curves for the years 2017-2021.

Saturn Pluto conjunction


The Saturn-Pluto conjunction and the New World

I can already see some readers wondering where I am going with this… do not worry I am still an optimist although, I am also a realist. Data from other disciplines (economic, ecologic, energetic, demographic) show a similar trend: the fall or disintegration of the Old World. In the meantime, the New World appears.
In these evolutionary troubled times, human beings are (re)discovering their creative power, or more accurately, their co-creating power. Slowly, although at a faster pace, the veils of illusion are falling away, the truth about programming appears with its loads of discovery of lies, compromises, resistance to change… which change imposes itself anyways. As a result, protests against institutions (as the one of the yellow vests in France) are going to expand. This is the first visible step towards liberation. The final goal is the liberation of the soul which belongs to each individual and ONLY the individual.
As we know, nothing happens randomly. All of this is part of an impeccable logic. In this context, Saturn is helping us understand why.
Saturn is the Greek Chronos (etymology of chronometer or chronology), that is: TIME. Under those sensitive times also so important for humanity, Saturn guides us to answer the important questions: Did you build anything sturdy, durable, wise in the society? Don’t you think you burned stages with your obsession for growth, profit, competition? Didn’t all of this bring you down? Now is the time to fix this.
Saturn has a bad reputation but he is fair and loyal. He helps us figuring out how to get out of this situation. To start with, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction has a positive side: clean, trim, purify, cut and throw out everything in the way of a fair share of goods and wealth. Pluto is obsessed with justice. He requires TRANSPARENCY.
For additional support the Saturn-Pluto conjunction offers a nice harmonic aspect: It is sectile to Neptune in Pisces. Neptune is about faith, high vibrational ideals must come first if we are willing to survive this decade. This is our responsibility, we can do this.

Saturn-Pluto conjunction and Rebirth

Take another look at the Planetary Cycles charts, especially the bottom one. After the dip of 2018-2019, we can see that the curve comes back as high as it was in 2000. As I said in my last book. “It’s about time that we love each other”. Don’t get discouraged, the best of it is coming:

“We are just starting to harvest the fruits of our efforts. As the physical world is falling apart, financial and political scandals are coming to light. People are in demand of transparency, honesty, genuine action. TV programs keep talking about what used to be hidden, like processed and frozen food, organic food market, factory farming and how Ham or dairy products are made. The same applies for major institutions, the gap between salaries, civil servants corruption, doping in sport, financial capitalism and speculation, tax haven. That’s a pretty significant list…
Meanwhile, innovating start-ups are emerging with the genuine intent to serve people and facilitate their life. They create new types of jobs, new types ofwork organization. A lot of community projects are created as well as numerous platforms that share or broadcast information. Various public speakers: philosophers, spiritualists have inspiring lectures about wisdom, unity, harmony, joy, love, light.
This way, in a few years, wealth will be shared in a fair way. People who have spent so much time being at service, sharing, healing, birthing the New World, will finally be recognized and will be able to make a nice living and as a result, be even more efficient in their practice. The difference with what we have known up until now is that making money or making a name for themselves won’t primarily motivate them. They will understand the arrogance of such a posture, as their level of consciousness will be higher.
In other words, tomorrow will be a harvest time for you and your loved ones. You will be able to afford to develop your activities, creations, and promote them. You will be recognized for your inner value, innovative ideas, talent and wisdom. You will not struggle anymore because you will understand fully the law of attraction, that is, change comes from WITHIN just like happiness and love. You will STRIVE and with the snowball effect the New World will appear up until it becomes our new reality. Your reality, our reality, oUr co-creation, our earthly paradise, the one we have been dreaming of for centuries…”

Saturn Pluto conjunction

May Love and Light guide you.
Patrick Giani

Translation Laurence Johnson

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Patrick GianiSaturn Pluto conjunction

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Saturn Pluto conjunction