Uranus in Taurus

Uranus in Taurus

By Patrick Giani

With Uranus in Taurus, from 2018 to 2026, we are going to step from a Fire energy (Aries) to an Earth energy.
This should announce a quieter era than the last 7 years, especially as Uranus in Taurus trines Saturn in Capricorn. North Korea committing to denuclearize and promising that no war will be started in the Korean peninsula is a good way to start. We also heard at the beginning of May that ETA (Basque Homeland and Liberty) has announced having dissolved all of its structures and ended its organization. This is a sign that brings the hope of seeing terrorist attacks go down gradually in the world. Indeed the seven last years where Uranus was transiting Aries (2011-2018) matches with the period of Daech terrorist attacks, even more so because the planet squared Pluto in Capricorn. (see the video from 2012 In French).
Should we see through this, a wave of worldwide initiatives to support Peace? This is not really predictable because with Uranus, nothing is predictable, but there are seven years ahead of us and of our leaders to get there. It doesn’t seem that it can unfold easily when we take a look at the multiple tensions between the US and Russia, Israel and the Arab countries, but also Syria and all the countries who have not found stability.

Uranus in Taurus


Uranus in Taurus, the return to Nature

Other than politics, Uranus in Taurus could lead us to Nature’s values : herbs and medicinal plants, healthy food, healthy body with a focus on Yoga, Chi-Gong, meditation, dance, music…
From a collective perspective, the planet’s clean-up will be a number one focus. In many countries, there will be an under current of revolution as Chiron amplifies Uranus impact as it enters the sign of Aries. Last time Chiron was in Aries was in May 68 !
From an individual perspective, Uranus is going to shake us up and make us live in the present time.
As Charles Vouga once wrote: “Aquarius planet is only interested with our immediate future”. As a consequence, we will not be able to function with the tools and schemes of the past. They belong to the old world and just do not work anymore. As a matter of fact, we have recently faced this type of situation and we have had to accept what is and clean up. I am referring to Lilith who, for the last few months has transited Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, forcing us to remember the past and having us to face our family responsibilities (opposition to Cancer) or our karma. There has been many losses literally or symbolically, a lot of profound questioning, minor body injuries rising. All of this was meant to purge before Uranus enters in Taurus, who will mess a little with our habits in order to make space for the New ready to enter our lives.

Uranus in Taurus, the Revival

The first decan in Taurus benefits from this transit mid-May as it comes with a Trine with Saturn retrograde in Capricorn. Natives from the first decan in Taurus are going to be able to innovate or renovate during the summer, with the support of Saturn, which means long term projets, with the blessings of the authorities, laws and public adminstration. It will also be beneficial to first decan Capricorns and Virgos thanks to the Trine between Uranus and Saturn which will open up new surroundings and social advancement.
Now, it is not going to be that easy for Aquarius, Scorpio and Leo first decan because of Mars transiting the first degrees of Aquarius which will find itself in conflict with Uranus, as we can see with the May 15th New Moon chart:

Uranus in Taurus

Fix sign people will have to prepare to be as flexible as they can, opening up to novelty in ALL aspects of their lives. If they don’t, they will have to face all sorts of obstructions, confrontations, disputes or even accidents for the most stubborn ones. This is also true for the Taurus first decan people who will have a lot in their plate during the two last weeks of May. A lot of tensions, resistance, nervousness and unexpected events for these natives up until mid-June where the crazyness will stop.
As you can see on the Chart, Uranus entering Taurus at 0°00 happens with the New Moon in Taurus, opposite Jupiter and Trine Pluto. This New Moon is thus favorable to the third decan of Taurus as it twill keep them away from taking financial risks. New beginnings will unfold for them especially when Saturn will start its sequences of Trines in Capricorn (2019). This New Moon is also beneficial for Capricorns and Virgo of the third decan.

To conclude, let’s be reminded that something noticeable if not spectacular happens when Uranus steps into the first degrees of a sign. Remember its entry in Aries on 03/12/2011 with the blast of Fukushima, Japan, nuclear reactor after the magnitude 9 earthquake and tsunami.

What do you think we should expect from Uranus by mid-May?

May love and light guide you.
Patrick Giani

Translation Laurence Johnson

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